MotoGP, Gibernau: the best Pedrosa is still to come

"I'm not Dani's coach but just a friend. I don't think winning brings happiness, but the opposite"


Dani Pedrosa, last Sunday at Jerez, wasn't the only win to let his emotions show after the victory. Sete Gibernau, alongside him this season, was also moved: it was an emotional moment and there's nothing wrong with showing that - he commented - I'm happy for Dani, I see him as an actor who interpreted my script but the credit is his. We worked together all weekend, predicting all of the possible scenarios and this is the result”.

In recent years, more and more riders are choosing to work with a coach during race weekends, but Sete doesn't like this definition.

I am simply his friend - he underlined - We do many things together, but I want to keep them to myself. I just want to enjoy this moment, but I'm not at all surprised by his win. I know what he's capable of and actually, I'll say this, the best Dani is still to come”.

Though Gibernau doesn't want to reveal his work method, the results seem to prove that his presence is important.

I've often heard it said that Dani has deserved to win a MotoGP title, but that's not the case - he explained - He's understood that, if he's not won it, he's because he didn't deserve it”.

Sete seems philosophical.

Life is philosophy - he smiled - I don't believe you need to win to be happy, but that you in because you are happy. We all have different characters, different ways of thinking, happiness is what we each have inside”.

This way of thinking is bearing fruit.

Dani is very strong, but the road is still long - he continued - There will be difficult times, but he shouldn't wait for favourable tracks or circumstance, he just has to face the challenges that arise”.

Pedrosa had to persuade Gibernau to follow him on this adventure, but he was right to do so.

The fact is I'm quite happy at home, I have a lot going on. I told my girlfriend I'd only do one test and now I've done four races” he smiled.

Who knows how he feels to see his old rival Valentino on track…

At least now I'm no longer risking a crash - he joked - In truth, I often rider and a few months ago I was able to carry out a test on the Honda MotoGP. It was as if I'd never got off, but perhaps that's a bad thing because it makes you want to come back”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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