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MotoGP, Crutchlow: Marquez? He makes us look stupid sometimes

GPONECAR "My friend Cavendish wants to race the MotoGP and I want to race the bicycle: I'am better overall!"

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If there is a rider with whom it's nice to talk about this is Cal Crutchlow. We know it, so we brought it with us in the GPOnecar. It was a long conversation with some moments of panic, as when he confessed wanting to be a professional cyclist! Do not worry though: it will race for a long time in MotoGP!

He made us laugh a lot. (sorry for OUR bkoken english) ;-)


"...Of course, I would never bet against myself, because if I bet against myself, what is the point in coming? I have already lost before I start. But the reality is, with the satellite machine and my start to the season, we all know it’s going to be difficult to challenge for the championship, but I can make a good in the championship and in the championship position. For the world title… it’s really difficult, honestly, because Maverick is riding superb. You have to give him great credit – he’s riding very very well. Valentino, you can never write off, he is the best ambassador for the sport still and competitive, you know. Normally when you have somebody who is (and don’t get me wrong) getting a little bit older, they tend to get slower, but every Sunday he is there on the podium doing a great job and able to be very competitive and I like this because it means he still has the motivation. But you can never write off Marc either, you know Marc is uh… you know… I get to see on a daily basis what Marc does on this Honda and he’s incredible, because honestly, nobody can do what he does with this bike. If you pick any rider up in the paddock and put them on this bike, they are nowhere near them. And I respect this because he tries very very hard, he rides very very hard no matter what the situation, so I like the way he rides. It’s difficult for us because it makes us look stupid sometimes, but in the end it’s just him, he’s making the difference. I wouldn’t bet against Marc for the title, no".


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