MotoGP, Safety Commission blocks "Valentino's tyre"

The 2016 tyres were stuck in customs and arrived late at the Termas track. The riders prefer to postpone the test to Austin


The 2016 front tyre is at the centre of what has become something of a  in Argentina. In theory that tyre should not have a part of proceedings this season, but after the first race in Qatar, riders took a step back and asked to try it once more

Michelin agreed, making it available at Termas de Rio Hondo. But it didn't all go to plan and tyre "70” - this is its code name - didn't reach Argentina in time, delayed also by strike action.

In theory, the "old" tyres should have arrived last night and been available to riders during FP3 but that didn't happen after they were blocked in customs.

The riders spoke about this issue at yesterday's Safety Commission, once they heard about the delay. In the end the 'no's' prevailed, or rather those riders who didn't want to use it.

On the one hand because Michelin had already provided 3 different front compounds, and a fourth option would only have complicated things, with only two sessions left in which to test it. On the other hand, because the 2016 tyre has a stiffer carcass but would only be available as a soft compound for this race. This would make it unusable for some of the bikes - such as the Honda - and would only be a useful option for Yamaha, and particularly Rossi, one of the first to complain about the new tyre.

So for now, the decision is not to use this tyre, which will be made available again for testing at Austin.

Translated by Heather Watson

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