MotoGP, Dainese and Cristiano Silei: to infinity and beyond

An award for research, innovation and safety for the Venetian company that ranges from sports to the cosmos


From the first hand-crafted innovatively ‘cut’ leathers thanks to Lino Dainese’s innovative genius, to the creation of a true protection system in active sports - not only motorcycle racing - to deep space.

For 45 years, Dainese has been synonymous with safety and technology.

For this reason, on 24 March at the Italian Stock Exchange headquarters in Milan, at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the Le Fonti publishing group rewarded Italian excellence by presenting, among others, an award to the apparel brand.

“Italian excellence since 1972 in the protective gear sector for sports and protective Hi-tech suits with various practical applications. (…) - the motivation reads - A pioneering structure that has skilfully built its business heritage relying on continued technological innovation through the “Dainese D|TEC” R&D centre with the purpose of identifying new products in other areas besides the sports arena with the goal of improving the quality of the products, as the new Biosuit and SkinSuit demonstrate: a hi-tech product created by working with organizations such as ESA, MIT and NASA.”

Currently at the helm of Dainese is Cristiano Silei, who was honoured with the “CEO of the Year” award for innovation.

“This is a highly appreciated award, especially in a year when we are celebrating 45 years of Dainese and 70 of AGV - Silei said - That is a total of 115 years of passion for technological research and innovation. The Dainese group has always pursued its mission to protect athletes from head to toe. Our continued growth allows us to develop more and more skills. This award is dedicated to Lino Dainese.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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