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MotoGP, Penalty points on licences abolished

The Grand Prix Commission has taken the decision. The number of mechanics per rider allowed on pitlane during qualifying is increased to 6

MotoGP: Penalty points on licences abolished

The Grand Prix Commission met in Qatar, during the first GP of the season. The commission is composed of Carmelo Ezpeleta for Dorna, Paul Duparc for FIM, Hervé Poncharal for IRTA and Takanao Tsubouchi for MSMA. The president of the International Federation Vito Ippolito and the Director of Technology for the championship Corrado Cecchinelli also attended the Losail meeting.

This is what has been decided, all regulations come into force with immediate effect.

PENALTY POINTS ELIMINATED - The mechanism that saw riders receive a variable number of points on their licence for any infraction has been eliminated. The reason? The Stewards, tasked with decided on the punishments, have many other tools with which to penalise riders and points are no longer useful.

Which begs the question - was that not also the case before their introduction? The mystery remains...

The decision taken by the Stewards following an appeal has been declared final, with no further appeals permitted.

TITANIUM BANNED IN MOTO3 AND MOTO2 - A ban on using select materials in the two minor classes was already in place, but is now made more strict. From now on, titanium cannot be used for the frame, swing-arm, suspension, handlebars, swing-arm pivots and wheels.

MORE MECHANICS DURING QUALIFYING - In MotoGP,  it was announced that during qualifying sessions (Q1 and Q2) and the case of flag-to-flag races, each rider could have no more than 4 mechanics in pitlane, with each obliged to wear a helmet. The regulation hasn't changed in terms of a flag-to-flag race, while for qualifying sessions, following a request by teams, the number of mechanics has been increased to 6 (the helmet remains obligatory).

Translated by Heather Watson

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