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MotoGP, Twitter quarrel for Jorge Lorenzo

A fan cites Forcada among the top winners at Losail after Jorge, but the Majorcan does not agree and answers back

MotoGP: Twitter quarrel for Jorge Lorenzo

The Losail weekend certainly wasn't one for Jorge Lorenzo to frame. The Spaniard expected a very different debut on the Ducati, but he had to settle for eleventh place come race day.

As if this wasn't enough, two days later he was caught up in a quarrel with a fan on Twitter. The fan wrote: “We can say that, after Lorenzo, the second most winning individual at Losail is Ramon Forcada with 4”. As we all know, Forcada stayed at Yamaha to follow Vinales, who scored his first win with the M1.  The Majorcan's response was immediate; he cited his trusted mechanic: “So Juan Llansá with 6 is too many?”

The conversation appeared to end there, but the fan went on: “I made the comment because Ernest Riveras, the Movistar TV journalist, pointed out during a broadcast that you were at six, while in second place there's Forcada with four".

Lorenzo didn't want to know, replying: “If the mechanics can consider themselves race winners, then the same thing goes for telemetrists”. Lastly, #99 added: “The goalie, striker and trainer are all equally important”.

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