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MotoGP, "Racing in the wet in Qatar? The riders will decide"

Race Director Webb: "Uncini and Capirossi say it's not impossible, but first all of the MotoGP riders would have to carry out a test"

MotoGP: "Racing in the wet in Qatar? The riders will decide"


In 2009, when the MotoGP in Qatar was put off until Monday due to rain, it seemed as if it would be a one-off event. However, riding at a wet Losail isn't quite so unlikely. Something that the Moto2 and Moto2 riders know all about, having lost two days of testing due to said rainfall.

As if that were not enough, the forecast for the coming weekend is not looking too good, with possible showers to come.

In recent weeks, Race Direction announced that the MotoGP riders may still race if conditions are wet, with Michelin ready to provide rain tyres if necessary.

The main problem is the artificial lighting that illuminates the track, considering that the GP takes place at night. The spotlights could cause reflections on any standing water that might make riding in such conditions dangerous.

As we've said, Race Direction has stated that it is possible to race, but Director Mike Webb took a partial step backwards in an interview with MotorCycle News.

Uncini and Capirossi - the other two Race Direction members - completed a night-time test on a fully wet track and they conclude that racing is not impossible”.

Which doesn't mean it's possible either.

This is not a final decision, but we've told teams to prepare for an eventual test in the wet, which is what the riders have requested. We won't race in the wet until every rider has tested in those conditions and given his OK” underlines Webb.

Naturally, this only applied to the MotoGP, while the Moto2 and Moto3 riders won't have the chance to test in the wet. Ubi maior…


Translated by Heather Watson

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