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SBK, Oli Bayliss: "Dad and I are different, but our riding is the same"

The son of the super-champ debuts in the Australian SuperSport series: "Rossi's my favourite rider, I remember that time at the Ranch..." 

SBK: Oli Bayliss: "Dad and I are different, but our riding is the same"


He is one of the legends of the bike world and so it's no surprise that he's on hand at the inaugural World Superbike round. But this time around it won't be a weekend like all the others. No, because as well as taking in the Kawasaki-Ducati fight, Troy Bayliss will have his mind on young Oli. About to turn thirteen, the son of the three-time world champ will debut at Phillip Island in the Australian SuperSport300 series on the Kawasaki of team Cube. The excitement ahead of this long-awaited event is written all over his face.

This will be special weekend for your family.

“There's always a lot of excitement when World Superbike comes to Phillip Island. This time I'm here too, on track in the SuperSport and I can't wait to start. It's a first for me, though I know the track well. The championship level is very high, there are a lot of rider but I won't be intimidated”.

What is the aim on your debut weekend?

“I'd like to finish in the top five. I know it will be tough but at the same time I think it's possible. The bike is very fast”.

Your dad is a legend on two-wheels. Does that mean more pressure for you, or more motivation?

“There's always pressure, because my dad has given so much to this sport. I'll try to turn it into motivation and do my very best every race weekend”.

What advice has he given you ahead of this event?

“Nothing special, he just told me to open the throttle, give it my all and be calm, keeping focus on the race. We've ridden together a lot but this time I'm on my own”.

In what ways are you and he similar?

“Our riding style maybe and the passion we have for bike. Apart from that we're very different as people”.

Who's your favourite rider?

“Valentino Rossi, his riding style is incredible. I've always liked him and have grown up watching his races. I also had the privilege of visiting the Ranch and that was incredible. He's a rider who takes care of every details and always gives a lot of advice to those riding with him."

And in Superbike?

“I'd say Chaz Davies”.  

Translated by Heather Watson

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