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SBK, Torres: "Bike and shoulder, all OK"

The Althea rider took no risks, checking the potential of his BMW and his physical fitness. Reiterberger: "we hope to be more constructive"

SBK: Torres: "Bike and shoulder, all OK"

With a lot of work ahead and having to deal with unstable weather conditions, the two Althea BMW riders preferred to stay out of trouble, carrying out just a few laps of the wet Phillip Island track.

Spaniard Jordi Torres and German Markus Reiterberger, aware that there was no point taking any risks, set conservative lap times, focusing instead on the set-up of their S1000RR bikes and checking their physical condition, after injuries sustained in pre-season testing and last season.

Thirteenth place for Torres, careful to make no mistakes: “Today we couldn’t get too much done because unfortunately it rained on and off all day long. We made some laps just to check that the bike was working well and that my shoulder is holding up OK. In the afternoon, the sun came out towards the end of the session and we had maybe an hour of useful time. There was a lot of wind but we got some work done, particularly preparing everything that we’ll need to do tomorrow.”

Number 21 Reiterberger returns to Phillip Island after making his SBK debut here last year. Fifteenth place for him today: "I’m happy to be back in Australia, Phillip Island is such a beautiful track, despite today's rain and difficult conditions. I completed a few laps in the dry but we didn't have a lot of real preparation time today. We will look at the data this evening and hope to be more productive tomorrow, working out which of the two bikes we have is better suited to the track.”

Translated by Heather Watson

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