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MotoGP, Capirossi: new work at Sepang in June

The aim is to solve the problem of the asphalt not drying: "a specific treatment will be applied, if that doesn't work they will resurface" 

It's clear to see that something went amiss with the resurfacing of the Sepang track, and that an urgent solution is now needed, ahead of October's Grand Prix. In a region where rain showers are the order of the day, a surface that dries quickly is essential.

The problem already arose during last year's race “and in fact some work has been done in recent months, with additional drains added among other things, but unfortunately this hasn't brought the desired results” explains the new member of Race Direction Loris Capirossi.

So they need to sort things out and the circuit already has a plan..

“They will start the work between June and July, first the asphalt will be subjected to a specific treatment already used on the runways at  Kuala Lumpur with positive results- he continues - During August Franco Uncini and I will come here to check that the situation has been resolved”.

If that's not the case, more drastic measures will be taken “including a possible full resurfacing of the track” assures Capirossi, though this couldn't be done in time for the GP.

For now, the MotoGP riders have to live with this issues, to the detriment of their available test time.

“For now there is no plan to make up for this lost time, but we are always ready to evaluate any request received from the teams” concludes Loris.

Translated by Heather Watson

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