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SBK, Iodaracing continues with Aprilia

The signatures are not yet on the contract, but Mercado will have his RSV4F in time for the winter tests

SBK: Iodaracing continues with Aprilia

The agreement between Iodaracing and Aprilia is on its way. In early December, Giampiero Sacchi's team had announced that they would race in World SBK with Tati Mercado, but they was still no guarantee that the South American would race with the bike from Noale.

The negotiations between the team from Terni and the Venetian manufacturer continued and it was Racing Manager Romano Albesiano who confirmed a few days ago that "the agreement is very close to a conclusion."

And so it is. All that's missing is the signature on the contract, but there will be no problems providing team Iodaracing with an RSV4 RF in time for the first winter tests.

Aprilia will therefore have three bikes on the SBK grid in 2017 - two with team Milwaukee, entrusted to Savadori and Laverty, and the other with the Italian team.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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