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Rossi: "I grew up with the legend of Subaru and McRae"

The Doctor reveals: "Locatelli is a rider that I would have liked to have in the Academy, we are rooting for him"

Rossi: "I grew up with the legend of Subaru and McRae"


There was still one day left in the competition, but Valentino Rossi had already set his sights on his fifth win at the Monza Rally Show. At the end of the second round, the Doctor was in the lead of the overall standings ahead of Bonanomi, his nearest follower, and Sordo in third.

It was a positive day.

“I would say so. I demonstrated consistency, always close to the best. Among other things, winning a trial was enough to increase my advantage in the standings. The games are open. Everything will be decided tomorrow.”

Tomorrow you could become the most victorious at the Monza Rally, along with Capello.

“That’s true, but the race is still long and every mistake could cost dearly. We need to stay focused down to the end. The fifth win would be special.”

You are getting closer and closer to your twentieth time here at Monza. Which cars have left a positive memory with you in the past?

“Indeed! One time I was supposed to participate, but I overslept (he remembers, smiling). In any case, the Fiesta is still my favourite of all the cars I have used. However, I’ll never forget the experience in the Subaru, the great challenge of 2005 against Colin McRae. I grew up with the legend of Subaru and Colin." 

Locatelli is also here. Could he become an Academy rider one day?

“I am sorry that he is not with us. I would have liked to have him, because he is a good rider. We spoke about it in the past, but the opportunity never arose. In any case, we are fans of his.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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