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MotoGP, Assen gets a facelift: grandstands to be renovated

With a project set to finish in 2021, the Dutch circuit aims to improve services for the spectators

Assen gets a facelift: grandstands to be renovated

Assen is a historic circuit, the only one where Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing has raced without interruption since the year it was built in 1949. Over the years, the track has undergone various changes and it has lost part of its charm, but the TT Circuit has always been dear to the fans’ hearts.

Now the Dutch structure is planning a modernization, not in terms of the track layout, but for the grandstands. As, reports, various works are scheduled from now through 2021 with LG Architects designs.

The grandstands at Turn 1, 8 and 9 will be renovated, as well as those just before the last chicane. A total investment of €8 million.

The biggest works will be on the grandstands at turn one that will maintain its current seating capacity (9,700 spectators) but with more comfortable seats, lifts and spaces for food and beverage sales. On the highest part of the grandstands there will be a VIP area that, thanks to its height, will provide a view of most of the circuit. The works should be completed in time for the GP scheduled on 25 June.

As soon as they are completed, renovation on the grandstands at the other turns will commence. Entertainment areas will also be created behind them in order to provide various activities for the spectators.

Assen has already announced the extension of its contract with Dorna through 2026, but the circuit intends to go forward even longer.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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