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MotoGP, Rossi's right arm: We'll fight for the title in every class in 2017

'Albi' Tebaldi: "The future? CEV and CIV combined in a single Championship. Vinales? We don't yet know his true potential"

Rossi's right arm: We'll fight for the title in every class in 2017

In 2016 we discovered the talents of Nicolò Bulega, but we also saw quality riding by Franco Morbidelli, who completed a memorable second half of the season. In the VR46 camp, morale is high with regard to next season, because it appears that for the first time the team can be competitive in all three world championship classes. Alberto Tebaldi, Rossi's right arm and the manager of the Academy, is convinced. 

From where will you start?

“With Bulega, a very young talent but at the same time really unlucky in the second half of the year; he deserved to be Rookie of the Year. But also with Migno, who has demonstrated significant growth and constancy. Then there's Pecco, a young professional, ready for Moto2, without forgetting Franco Morbidelli, Baldassarri and Luca Marini. We really have high expectations for 2017”.

How far off is the Spanish school?

“We don't feel distant from them, the only gap regards time, as we started our journey later. In this sport, the level of competition is extremely high, it takes time to get there and score great results. As a school, we're in no way inferior to the Spanish one".

Is it essential to compete in the CEV in order to progress?

“The CEV has a really great level of competitiveness and professionalism. It's not the championship itself but everything around it that raises the competition. This aspect was more marked a few years ago, while now the CIV is also growing. It would be good to combine both championships to create one European series”.

In 2017 the feeling is that the Italians can fight for titles across all three categories.

“Definitely, I'm sure of this. in Moto2 we have Baldassarri and Morbidelli, in Moto3, Migno, Bulega and Antonelli have proved to be very talented”.

Did Fenati impress in the first Jerez tests?

“Romano didn't make an impression, he's very fast but the problems lay elsewhere, and didn't regard his talent or speed”.

Meregalli has said that Rossi has all he needs for the title.

“I think Vale has all he needs, and more, to win his tenth title in 2017. The level of competition is very high, especially in terms of consistent lap times and the tyres. The details make the difference. We hope that under its usual dress, Yamaha is concealing great development work, especially in terms of the tyres.

Is Vinales more of a worry than Lorenzo?

“In part yes. We know everything about Jorge, while we don't yet know Maverick's true potential. He's clearly very talented”.

How come you didn't race in the Monza Rally Show?

I admit that I'm good at driving a car. As a navigator however I think I'm dangerous and not very precise (he smiles).   

Translated by Heather Watson

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