MotoGP, Marquez, the celebration in Cervera: "whoever doesn't jump is Rossi!"

VIDEO The crowd of fans incites him, at first he hesitates, then begins to jump


In Cervera, hometown to Marc Marquez, the traditional celebration was held to celebrate the Honda rider's fifth world title. It was a boisterous and fun celebration with thousands of Spanish fans in the square.

Stirred up by the presenter, the participants began to chant "bote bote bote rossi el que no bote", much as the Italians would chant "whoever doesn't jump is Rossi!"

At first Marc stood still on the stage, not forgetting that he has by now buried the hatchet with the rider from Pesaro, but then, encouraged by the crowd, he began to jump up and down as well, as can be seen in the video by Marca...

"You are forcing me to make a mess of things. You'll see in the press tomorrow,"  Marquez said several times with a smile on his face, well aware that the grudge between him and Valentino remains in the spotlight. What can you do? Boys will be boys...


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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