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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: pleased with Lorenzo's comments

Dall'Igna: pleased with Lorenzo's comments

With Lorenzo silenced by his contract, it was up to Ducati's General Manager Gigi Dall’Igna to sum things up after Jorge's first two days on the red bike. Yesterday the Spaniard had set a brilliant third fastest time at Valencia on his debut with the D16, today he closed a little further back, with the 8th best time.

Gigi, what were Lorenzo's first comments about the Ducati?
I'm pleased with his first impressions about the Ducati, he of course identified some positive and some negative aspects with respect to what to he was used to. Yesterday he started out with the 2016 bike, while today he completed different work. He drew comparisons between the old and new Desmosedici and some initial testing of new parts.

Are you happy with his overall performance?
Not particularly pleased, his time could have been better. As I've said we weren't focusing on that though as we had other priorities”.

What's it like to work with Lorenzo again?
I'm pleased to have the chance, in the past we're scored some good results together and I hope we can do the same in the future. I wouldn't call him a friend, but he's someone with whom I get along very well”.

We noticed that Stoner was also very involved in these tests…
“There's great synergy between Casey and Jorge, and also with Dovizioso and Ducati. I think that this well help us to develop our bike".

Let's talk about the 2017 Ducati, what is your overall impression?
I'm quite pleased with the results, Dovizioso set his best time with the new bike. Of course we don't yet have the ideal setting, but we've made a good start”.

Did Dovizioso and Lorenzo make the same comments?
I have to say that, right now, the new bike and the old one are quite similar, the biggest differences are chassis-related. Andrea said that it's better overall, Lorenzo found some positive and some negative aspect. We still need to refine it”.

Have you solved the understeer issue?
Mid-turn is still an area that penalises us”.

This is a first prototype, can we expect major differences with the definitive bike?
The general system will be like this”.

How would you judge your rivals' test performance?
I congratulate Vinales, he's had an extremely positive couple of days. Iannone was very unlucky, without this morning's crash he could have done more”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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