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MotoGP, Taramasso: riders have an abundance of tyres

The Michelin manager responds to criticism at Valencia: "we've brought more tyres than we needed to"

Taramasso: riders have an abundance of tyres

Yesterday riders complained about only having a limited number of tyres available for the two-day test at Valencia. The most sceptical was Valentino: “we're here with a ton of things to test and then we have two tyres, it's definitely not ideal".

Michelin manager Piero Taramasso was quick to respond to the criticism however.

All of the riders have more than enough tyres - he explained - Contractually, we have to provide 7 front and 7 rear tyres for each rider. At this test though, each rider has 10 front and 8 rear tyres”.

So why the controversy?

Everyone wants to use the front tyre that they used in the race, or rather the evolved soft solution, and the quantity of those is limited, but they have the standard soft tyres too” he responds.

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