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MotoGP, Sakartdesign takes flight with Maverick Vinales

The Tuscan design studio is responsible for creating Suzuki liveries and Maverick's helmets, as well as those of many other riders

Sakartdesign takes flight with Maverick Vinales

The Suzuki GSX-RR is one of the world's most beautiful bikes. Remember the special livery for the GSX-RR of Maverick Viñales and Aleix Espargaro last year at the German and American GPs?

That was to mark the thirtieth birthday of the legendary ‘GSX-R’. All of the restyling of the bikes' graphics and Team Design was botn in the studio/atelier della sakartdesign, a Tuscan company owned by brothers Nicola and Davide Sacchini and Fausto Colombini.

When Davide Brivio came to us in February 2015, a few weeks before the start of the world championship, and said: ‘guys, if you have some ideas for a speial livery for the Suzuki MotoGP to mark the 30th anniversary of the GSX-R I'll propose them to the Japanese', it was like getting the green light to unleash our creativity”, recalls Nicola.

A design that was in perfect symbiosis with the splendid shapes of the GSX-RR, you couldn't have imagined it any other way: it was quite simply a Suzuki. And this is the beauty of what the trio does: their designs don't take advantage, they simply tell a story.

Having gratuated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence with a passion for bikes, the two brothers and Fausto the three put their knowledge and skills together and passion did the rest.

Today, as well as the MotoGP Suzuki Team, they take care of the graphics for, among others, Maverick Viñales, Brad Binder, Tony Arbolino and Axel Bassani and take their inspiration from the good old days.

"I remember the 90s in terms of my great desire to own a bike - remembers Davide, born in 1981 - I designed them, I admired them, I touched them and I wanted one at all costs. My first bike was a Suzuki RGV Gamma 250 that we still have in our studio today".

"Despite being born in ’77 - adds Nicola - thanks to my father's tales - he experienced unforgettable moment of sporting history at Monza in the 60s, like the epic battles between Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood -  my background means that I want to convey that type of motorcycling today, with that techological simplicity and purity".

"It is the heart that must communicate with the brain - adds Fausto - I believe that emotion and passion must provide input to the brain that, with its experience and reasoning, should guide the hands".

Details such as the small stylised fighter jet that adorns Vinales' helmet in honuor of his name, that of the Top Gun hero, and the special dedicated logo ‘Wear Before Flight’ on the sides of the helmet, a logo that recalls the red ‘Remove Before Flight’  ribbon used on fighters when they're on the ground, before take-off.

“The collaboration between riders and graphic designers – Davide tells us - is always has a special, relaxed dynamic but the ‘spark’ gave birth to the ‘reaction' was the moment in whch we saw Maverick flying in a F-18 during the 2015 Aragon GP weekend. In that precise moment, we understood that his  true passion is supersonic speed”.

Despite their youth - of the three, only Colombini was born in 1943 - motorcycling references are important: the Ducati 916 by Massimo Tamburini, the 1973 Ducati 750 SS, the Laverda SFC from 1971, the 1971 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport and the Honda RC30, and, in racing terms, the Yamaha OW01.

With this in mind, they had their first opportunity in 2011 with Bimota: at the 2012 edition of EICMA in Milan, the two BB2 and DB12 prototypes bore their signature.

Over the following years, they began to collaborate with other brands including Piaggio and the trio put together an agency, able to create a full package, from the initial sketches to prototyping. Their main interest lies in action sports: cycling, surfing, skiing, winter sports and, of course, motorcycling.

And this takes us back to the start, to the Suzuki. A relationship that began thanks to social networks!
"We work a lot on social networks and among our many contact we send a presentation portfolio to Davide Brivio in 2013  - recall the brothers - A few hours later we received an email from Davide who asked to meet us. Davide visited our studio and spent an entire afternoon looking at everything we could do. That meeting led to a collaboration in which sakartdesign became a Suzuki MotoGP team official supplier on its return to the world championship in 2015. The collaboration has continued this year and will continue next season too. We take care of corporate identity and the style elements, the graphics of the Suzuki GSX-RR, the team wear, the riders' suits, the garages, trucks and hospitality".

Team work that ensures a squad is immediately recognisable, a squad that has always stood out, and not just for its results.
Riders that have chosen sakartdesign include:

Still life photo credits for Maverick Vinales, Axel Bassani, Tony Arbolino and the sakartdesign portrait:
Lorenzo Barsotti
GSX-R 30th Anniversary Team Suzuki Ecstar photo credit:
Team Suzuki Ecstar (, Milagro

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Translated by Heather Watson

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