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MotoGP, Dovizioso: winning was becoming a nightmare

"I cried on the last lap. This was a win of strength, I beat my rivals fair and square"

Dovizioso: winning was becoming a nightmare

Dovizioso's was a wet victory, with the rain and the tyres that went with it. Andrea completed the whole last lap with tears in his eyes, unable to contain his emotion. “At the first turn I saw my girlfriend and my friends, they were crying. From then on I started to hiccup, I lost a good few seconds because it wasn't easy to ride like that-  he laughs - I was crying and was happy”.

You're the ninth winner of the season…
The win was becoming something of a nightmare, any other result was like losing. That's normal though, in this world there's so much pressure”.

It had been a long time since your last victory…
Seven years, I've been through some tough times, it's been hard. During my career, I've always aimed for the best results but it isn't easy when they don't come. Racing in MotoGP has no sense if you're not in front, I don't have fun.

Did you recall the first tough years with Ducati?
You think about all those times, this has been a release as well as a huge satisfaction”.

What type of win was this?
One of strength, I beat my rivals fair and square. I didn't win because the others made mistakes. Winning was important, I'm here to fight for championship wins and to do that you need solid race wins. It's no good to stand out one Sunday and then come sixth in the next race."

Do you feel a weight's been lifted?
You can't imagine how much pressure I was feeling”.

Even more after having missed out in Austria?
I thought that race was mine, but then I lost it because I'd chosen the wrong tyre, without taking anything away from Iannone. Winning like this, on a track I love and where I'd never won before, managing the race and reaching the line alone is really special”.

Are you dedicating it to somebody?
It's for all those who work in Ducati, at the track and at home, and for my family, for my dad, without whom I wouldn't be here. And I can take the number 1 trophy home to my daughter Sara, she always complains when I come home without a trophy (he laughs)”.

Is this the best moment of your career?
I think so, aside from the win, the Ducati and I have reached a good level of competitiveness together, though it's still not enough. Four years ago, the situation was very bad and I'm proud of how far we've come, but I think we can do more. Ducati believes in me and I in them ”.

What was your strength in today's race?
I had great grip and this allowed me to make up what i was losing to Valentino through the turns. Also I didn't really have any big drop in performance, I was able to maintain the same speed from start to finish”.

When did you realise you could win?
Five laps from the end Valentino went long but i know him, I though he'd stay with me. Then I saw my pitboard saying I had a 1.7 second gap, the last four laps were so long. I knew there was no room for error, at that point I knew I had to win”.

In the first laps there was a battle between Rossi and Iannone, did that help you to keep contact?
It was one of Iannone's typical battles, I spoke to Valentino about it and he wasn't very happy, but that's how he is. Maybe it helped me a little - thanks Andrea (he laughs). I have to admit that I didn't expect to be so fast, but maybe he consumed the rear tyre too much because he had less traction than me”.

He won't be your team-mate next season…
We've never had an easy relationship, because of how he is, his entourage. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it hasn't been an easy situation”.

Do you think it will be different with Lorenzo?
I'm curious to see, I think it will be more relaxed. Every rider is different, the only important thing is that there is respect”.

Lastly, you won't make us wait another seven years for the next win, right?
I hope not, I don't think I'll be like Valentino. Actually, I think I'll retire before him (he laughs)”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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