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MotoGP, Crutchlow: no point risking. I want to finish the season in one piece

"Too much water on the track in FP2. If Sunday is dry and we only practice in the wet the race will be a lottery"

Crutchlow: no point risking. I want to finish the season in one piece

Not even Cal Crutchlow, who lives on the Isle of Man and who put the best time on the sheets in FP1, felt up to going out during FP2.

"There was just too much water on the track and it was windy too. I had everything to lose and nothing to gain, so I stayed in the garage - he explained with his usual frankness - The situation was worse than at Assen. Much worse. Obviously, when it comes time to qualify tomorrow we will have to go out no matter what the weather conditions are, but more than for practice, I am worried about the race. If we only practice in the wet, Sunday will be a lottery."

There are several problems the riders face at Phillip Island with this weather.

"With a lot of water on the tarmac the bike aquaplanes. These bikes are hard as rocks. You can jump up and down on the saddle if you want and they won’t move. Even with the right setup, in these conditions you just can’t ride them. It is no fun at all to ride them… plus, it’s windy and it is too cold."

Michelin, who has been aware of the weather forecast since Motegi, sent part of the tyres by sea and part by air and the riders have a super soft available to use. The same one used in Brno that had deconstructing problems.

"Two days ago, however, they told us that it can’t be used for more than eight laps, ten including the out and in laps. At this point, why bring it? I don’t understand. And anyway, the weather conditions are much different from Brno; there is more water and it is much colder."

Cal is implying that the tyre should hold up. But Michelin is the one who has to say that.

"In these conditions - the team LCR rider concludes - we are at the limit in terms of control. We go 300 kph here and I want to finish the season in one piece. You have to be very sensitive, like riding on eggshells, and above all you cannot exaggerate if you want to make it to the end of the season in one piece."

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