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MotoGP, Airbags compulsory for riders from 2018

This is the decision taken by the GP Commission. New rules also in terms of fairing design: only one modification is permitted per rider per year

Airbags compulsory for riders from 2018


The Grand Prix Commission met at Motegi and took an important decision to improve the active safety of riders. From 2018, all riders will have to use leathers equipped with an approved airbag system.

The regulation has been passed with the approval of all of the technical clothing manufacturers involved in the championship and is clearly good news. The airbag is now an accessory that is available to the end customer and so it was high time that the reigning class should be obliged to make use of such an important system.

The GP Commission also spoke about the soap opera regarding bike aerodynamics. Having banned the winglets for next year, it has now decided to further limit interventions made to the fairings. The reason given is in order to limit costs.

So from 2017, the Technical Director will homologate fairing design at the first race of the year, after which manufacturers can only make one change to the fairing and front mudguard during the course of the season. This regulation will regard each individual rider, rather than the bike model.

Lastly, a tender has been arranged with regard to single ECU supply for Moto2 during the 2019-2011 period, with the possibility of a renewal for subsequent seasons.

The main requirements for the ECU are as follows: it should equip engines of up to 4 cylinders, be able to manage ride-by-wire, have an onboard datalogger, be able to manage different strategies (such as traction control, anti-wheelie, launch control, engine brake etc.).

Those wanted to apply can do so up until 9 November 2016. The relevant contact person is Director of Technology Corrado Cecchinelli.

Translated by Heather Watson

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