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MotoGP, Alzamora: Marquez has been able to change, as only the best can

His manager and mentor speaks: "he couldn't have done better, and he's only 23. Marc continues to grow"

MotoGP: Alzamora: Marquez has been able to change, as only the best can

Emilio Alzamora has been at Marc Marquez's side practically since the start of his career, he knows him well and offers him advice. Yesterday, shortly after his 'student' scored his fifth world title, he didn't even appear to be that surprised, rather satisfied, as one is when completing a hard job that has turned out well.

“I am amazed. We hadn't even talked to Marc about the possibility of winning the title here at Motegi”, says Emilio.

Yet Marquez was able to do so and do so in a new way…
You've seen how he's raced this year, he's learned a lot from last year's mistakes. This was a very tough championship, also due to the regulation changes, but Marc was able to manage it perfectly, he couldn' t have done any more”.

Do you think he's changed?
I think he's matured a lot. We often forget but he's still only 23”.

It's not easy for a champion to consider changing…
You can only change your mentality if you have considerable talent, it's something that only the greats are able to do”.

Has Marquez reached his peak?
He never stops, he's continuing to grow”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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