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MotoGP, For the Valencia GP Dovizioso... returns to Tech3

The official event poster shows Andrea wearing the colours of his former team

For the Valencia GP Dovizioso... returns to Tech3

Rather than back to the future, the Spanish graphic designers have really gone to town with their creativity this time. Yesterday saw the official presentation of the Valencia Grand Prix event poster and it was impossible to miss the glaring error, with Dovizioso dressed in black rather than red. The image shows Andrea wearing his old Tech3 leathers and not those of Ducati, the team he's been with for four years now.

The epic fail is served, but the Spanish media has also commented on the rather unusual arrangement of the riders. Current champion Lorenzo is at the far edge of the image, while Vinales takes the starring role, in the centre between Rossi and Marquez, who are still fighting for the world title.

If the designers wanted their poster to make an impact, they've succeeded... but for all the wrong reasons.

Translated by Heather Watson

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