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MotoGP, Rossi: stopping after 2018? I'm already paranoid

Galbusera says that Valentino could continue: "I totally agree with him. Everything will depend on the results"

Rossi: stopping after 2018? I'm already paranoid

Valentino the eternal champion, or he could at least become that. Yesterday we interviewed his crew chief Galbusera who confided that “we will see whether to stop or not in two years' time. I don't think it's so certain”.

Silvano knows Rossi well, but we needed confirmation from the man himself, which we now have.

I totally agree with him. Actually I'm already paranoid about the idea of stopping at the end of 2018 - he smiles - I like to make long-term plans, in 2018 I will think hard and a lot will depend on my results”.

Negatives? Just one…

Maybe it's a little embarrassing to continue racing after 40" he laughs.

Translated by Heather Watson

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