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MotoGP, Lorenzo: I'm slow? tyre issues

"7th place doesn't reflect my potential. With the Michelins, the situation changes continuously from track to track"

Lorenzo: I'm slow? tyre issues

After winning the last two editions of the Aragon GP, Lorenzo expected a different first day. However, he suffered today and in the afternoon he was well outside the top ten before a final push saw him move up into 7th place, a position that he's not happy with anyway.

It hasn't been a great day for me, but my potential is greater than my position today”, he assures us.

What happened?
I had tyre problems. We have four front tyre options, two are medium compounds. I used the harder of the two and suffered from a lot of vibration, the bike would run wide on corner entry. So then I tried the softer of the mediums, it was a bit better but the problems continued. For some reason, others riders didn't have the same issues”.

What was the solution?
I put in a soft front tyre to set a fast time, but it was a used tyre while the rear tyre was new. So the rear was pushing and I couldn't do my best. With two new tyres, I could have been third or fourth.

Did you also have issues this morning?
Yes, I almost crashed at the last corner of my first lap. I had to stop to change the tyre, which wasn't working. But then I was able to maintain a good pace”.

Did you give it your all?
I'm pushing as much as I did last year, it's just that I'm now two seconds slower. I'm struggling, the combination of bike and tyres won't allow me to go fast”.

Is it a general problem?
No, it depends on the track, for example at Brno I was immediately quick. Or at Misano, where I was quicker than I had been with the Bridgestones. Here it's different, but this year that's the way it is”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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