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MotoGP, Flamigni: Lorenzo will never help Rossi

"Not even once he's mathematically out of contention. Champions are like that. Team orders? They don't exist"

Flamigni: Lorenzo will never help Rossi

Matteo Flamigni has been at Valentino Rossi's side since 2004. In his role as telemetrist, he is the man who interprets the rider's wants and transforms them into numbers to feed into the electronic management software.

With five races left until the end of the championship, and 43 points to make up to Marquez, Flamigni and the rest of the Yamaha team are facing a difficult task, but no-one sees it as a losing battle.

"Rossi is extrmely motivated, as ever, and focused on the goal – the telemetrist explains in today's Corriere dello Sporteven though catching a Marquez who's turned into some kind of accountant will be difficult...but is it true? I'm not convinced".

Five Grand Prix can be seen as both a long or a short period of time. The atmosphere inside the garage will be fundamental, as the pressure will only increase as the races diminish.

"Yamaha continues to work towards its objective, without wavering - underlines Flamigni - and the atmosphere is great. For example, I share a room with Davide Marelli, Lorenzo's telemetrist. Sure, Jorge and Vale sometimes get caught up in a squabble, but that's normal".

The Majorcan rider is 61 points behind Marquez. A gap of almost three races. His chances of the title are slim to none. So once he's out of the running mathematically, might he help Rossi?

"No, Lorenzo will never to that - believes Matteo Flamigni - Just like the other riders. Champions are like that. And also, during the course of my career, I've never come across team orders".

Translated by Heather Watson

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