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MotoGP, Michelin: only asymmetric tyres for Aragon

Temperatures will play an important role: "tyres must be able to adapt to all conditions"

Michelin: only asymmetric tyres for Aragon

Michelin will play it safe at the upcoming Aragon GP and doesn't plan to bring any significant new products to the event. In Spain, riders will have three options for the front (soft, medium and hard) and two for the rear (medium and hard). All of the tyres will be asymmetric with a right shoulder that is harder than the left to suit the characteristics of the track.

That is the situation in terms of slicks, then, as far as rain tyres are concerned, there will be a choice of two compounds: soft and medium, both for the front and the rear. As ever, intermediate tyres will also be made available.

Manager Piero Taramasso summarises the situation ahead of the upcoming GP: “this will be the first time that Michelin has raced at Aragón, so this is a totally new challenge for us. We did test there last year with the MotoGP riders, so we do have a base knowledge of what to expect, but the tyres have changed so much since then it will be like starting all over again. Aragón can be a very unpredictable place with cold or hot conditions. It has some very fast sweeping corners and a long straight, plus some hard braking zones, so we need to have a selection of tyres that can cope in all situations. We can expect cooler mornings so we will need to have tyres that can heat up quickly in those conditions, but also work well as the temperature increases throughout the day.”

Translated by Heather Watson

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