MotoGP, Rossi vs Lorenzo: the ongoing battle

THE VIDEO of the pass and contact between Vale and Jorge at Misano proves both are right!

il video del contatto rossi-lorenzo a Misano
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The pass, defined as 'excessive', that Valentino Rossi made on Jorge Lorenzo at Misano has been the subject of great debate. Even Jorge himself had something to say at the press conference.

Opinions are, as ever, divided. The video of the episode, shot from a different angle, or rather from the front, proves that the truth really does have many sides.

From the slowmo images it seems clear that, to pass his rival and break his rhythm, Rossi was forced to significantly anticipate the apex, and as a result was forced to go wide. It was at this point that Lorenzo, taking a more correct line in view of the maximum speed on corner exit, was forced to stand the bike back up in order to avoid making contact with his team-mate.

What can be deduced from the images is that, if JL had foreseen VR's move, he could have slowed slightly, crossing paths with his team-mate who would have had to widen his trajectory.

And then it would have simply been an attack like any other, a 'normal' racing episode.


Translated by Heather Watson

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