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Moto3, Fenati: I didn't feel like myself in team Sky

Romano on the split from VR46: "we could have found a solution, each of us needed to take responsibility"

Fenati: I didn't feel like myself in team Sky

A lot has been said about the Fenati case since Saturday 13 August when a Sky Team VR46 release announced the rider's suspension from the Austrian race. Just a few lines that said little, and when a situation is unclear, the rumours and hypotheses spread.

Valentino Rossi and Sabrina, Romano's mother and CEO of the company that looks after his interests, also spoke on the subject. Only Fenati kept quiet. Up until now, because we've had a long chat with him about what happened in Austria.

Romano, can you explain what happened?
When qualifying finished, I went to talk to Pietro Caprara, my crew chief, it was strange that I was so far from the leader and wanted more details. It came out that a point in my contract was not being respected ”.

The fact you have a personal suspension technician?
Yes, my mum had a meeting with the team management but they didn't come to an agreement that would allow us to continue”.

Was the situation already critical within the team?
The most important thing for a rider is that he can be calm, it's no good if I or my team have long faces”.

There was talk of a physical scuffle…
Absolutely nothing happened, even Alessio Salucci was taken aback by that rumour”.

But Valentino said that you sometimes fly off the handle…
That's not true, it annoys me when I see things that are unfair or people being superficial and so I try to talk about it. But there are those who've already got a preconceived idea of me and even things I've said as a joke are misinterpreted. But that day, I repeat, nothing happened”.

Did you speak with Rossi?
Yes, that evening and also after the race. We had a relaxed chat”.

What did you think after the suspension?
“I was very depressed and disappointed. I think that this decision hurt everyone, we were third in the championship".

It's been said that the reason for the split was your refusal to move to Pesaro…
Perhaps if I'd moved none of this would have happened, I don't know. What happened is almost inexplicable. In the past, I've been there for one year but my contract said that I had to be there only between 10 January and the first race, for preparation purposes. I preferred to stay close to my family, but there was no compromise to be made on that point”.

Other errors?
Over three years certain things happened that were not my fault and about which I said nothing. Let's say there's been a lot of bad luck”.

Did the decision to add a rider to the future Moto2 team annoy you?
“They'd promised me I'd be on my own, but there was nothing in writing, it was fine like that. It was no problem for me to have Bagnaia as a team-mate”.

What was missing from the relationship?
The main thing is to be clear and sincere: each of us should have taken responsibility and our share of the blame. I did so. In the end, the only error was not going to Pesaro but aside from that I've always done my job to the best of my ability”.

Could things have been sorted out do you think?
When certain things happen, it isn't one person to blame but everyone. Each person just needed to take responsibility and try to understand each other. There would have been a different outcome, but there's no point crying over spilt milk".

Valentino said that they failed to turn you into a true professional…
It's good to mature technically but each person should also stay true to himself, and shouldn't have to change. I prefer someone to tell me to my face where to go, rather than knife me in the back”.

Did the team limit you?
Yes, I felt limited and wasn't completely myself. Let's say I was guided, it was also pre-constructed, while I am more instinctive”.

Many spoke out against you on social networks…
That hurt, I couldn't talk and on Sunday in Austria I couldn't even go to the track to clarify the situation. I waited more than a week for clarification. In the meantime, people had already made up their minds, having heard only one side of the story. As a person, rather than as a rider, I can say that I would never write such things, I've received insults, great and small, and threats. What for? OK, I'm a public figure but not a clown or a puppet”.

What has this taught you?
That it's always best to be sincere, right from the start. I need to know the truth, even if it hurts. And I've learned you have to grin and bear it”.

Do you want revenge?
I want to win as many titles as possible (he laughs)”.

Will we see you back on track this year?
I don't think so, there are no seats available. For next year we're evaluating the possibilities, in both Moto3 and Moto2”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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