MotoGP, Test Brno: Rossi tests a new frame, Lorenzo no

Valentino: "I like it but don't know when I'll be able to use it in a race". Jorge: "in theory it's worse for me, my leaving Yamaha doesn't come into it"


The two Yamahas, at least in testing, have done the double with Lorenzo and Rossi - in that order - clearly ahead of the rest. The two riders didn't ride twin M1 bikes however. Valentino had important new parts available, including a new frame and swing-arm.

Yes, I tried them and liked them a lot - he confirms - I used them all day and had consistently good pace, and was also fast on the flying lap. Now I'll have to speak with the technicians to see when I can use them in a race”.

The Doctor skirts the issue when asked why Jorge wasn't granted the same opportunity.

I don't know why it was only me testing these new parts - he said - I was pleased to test them and got on well, the bike is more stable and I can push harder in braking and corner entry”.

The positive news doesn't end then, because Valentino also liked the tyres brought by Michelin

Two new front tyres - he specifies - they are for next year, unfortunately because I found them really good”.

Rossi also offered an explanation with regard to the rain tyre debacle.

I don't think the tyres were flawed, but think it was something to do with the bike setting or riding style, as well as race strategy”, he explains.

From the past to the future, Rossi's final words regard upcoming races.

Two very important races - he says - At Silverstone it could be wet or dry, so we need to be quick in all conditions also because it's a track at which Lorenzo and Marquez are strong. Then there's Misano, my home Grand Prix and so even more important”.

The Doctor is confident and Lorenzo too, first speaking vaguely about his work schedule ,“I tried different things, some of them positive", before being forced to admit that “no, I didn't try the new frame”.

It's easy to think that his imminent move to Ducati probably influenced this decision not to provide him with updates in the final races.

But Jorge denies this: “Valentino and I are taking two different directions, and this evolution is part of his. For this reason, it didn't make sense for Yamaha to have me test it too. I don't think my leaving the team at the end of the season has anything to do with it, in theory that frame would be worse for me”.

We can only accept this as fact and move on, to the Michelin tyres for instance.

The new tyres are better than those we are using - he offers - they offer more grip through the turn when you're leaning right over and better absorb the potholes”.

Better than the wet tyres that's first sure, which caused dangerous situations during the race. The Majorcan stopped in order to avoid trouble, others didn't.

When you're riding and feel there's something not right with the tyres, your instincts tell you to stop - he explains - Iannone and others didn't do that, while Dovi and I came in. In my case, I also had engine issues”.

As a result, he's now lying third in the championship.

This year I've been inconsistent, sometimes I've had tyre problems and in Argentina I made a mistake - he recalls - With so many zeros it's hard to fight for the title, but as you've also seen this weekend, I'm competitive in the dry, and in the wet we've taken a step forward, even if I couldn't confirm this because of the tyre problem.


Translated by Heather Watson

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