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MotoGP, Iannone: the secret? Self-belief

"This win is worth double. Choosing the soft tyre was difficult but I was right, then our strategy was perfect"

Iannone: the secret? Self-belief

Iannone's first win in MotoGP, and Ducati's first for 101 Grand Prix, Andrea is overwhelmed with emotion in Austria. Some say having showgirl Belen in the garage was a good luck charm... Regardless, the red bikes and The Maniac from Vasto were simply perfect today. Right from the start when they decided to go with the softest tyre.

It was the right choice but it wasn't an easy one to make - he says - When you know you have chance to win and decide to do something different to everyone else, you ask yourself: why? I was worried, but then I looked at my crew chief Rigamonti and we decided to take this responsibility. And we were right”.

Was it a gamble?
I'd say no, we'd made some tests and knew that the drop would be too great with the hard tyre. I believed in myself, and that's what made the difference. Michelin saw it differently, but I had faith in the work I'd done with the team”.

What were you thinking on the final lap?
Nothing, if you start to think about winning there's too much stress. This is a magical moment, for me and for Ducati, the last rider to win with this bike was Stoner, not exactly any old rider. It's difficult to explain certain feelings”.

What was the secret to your first win in MotoGP?
I've won in the other categories, but here it's very different - you're fighting against the best. As I said, it helped to believe in my potential. To win on the bike with which I debuted in MotoGP, after years of work, makes it all the more special: this victory is worth double”.

Explain your race to us
My strategy was perfect, I was able to manage both the tyres and consumption. At the start, I didn't push too hard, in fact I think I slowed my pace, but was able to make the difference in braking and Lorenzo couldn't pass me. If he'd got in front he'd have been fast and I'd have had to stress the tyres, but instead I was able to maintain the pace I wanted”.

It sounds so easy put like that…
When we have good sensations on the bike, both Dovi and I have the potential to win. At some tracks we're still missing something, but at others, like this one, we have it under control”.

Does this win also serve as payback for those who criticised you?
I've always accepted criticism and admit my mistakes, today I've shown that I've learned the lesson. It's normal that when I mess up they wind me up but this just means that many people are following me and supporting me”.

What did you say to Dall’Igna?
That he'll always remember this win and that I'm pleased that I was the one to achieve it for him”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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