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SBK, Melandri: back to the future with the Ducati Panigale

Marco is back in the saddle and does not hide his enthusiasm: "the Panigale R is fantastic!"

Melandri: back to the future with the Ducati Panigale

Quietly and without fanfare, Marco Melandri went to the Venetian circuit of Adria in a van that was carrying a Ducati Panigale R street version, the base for the racing bike that the rider from Ravenna will use in the 2017 SBK season.

Just like an amateur enthusiast in the garage, Macio put the bike up on the stands and, after applying his number 33 to the top fairing, he donned his leathers, put on his boots, gloves and helmet and when he got onto the track, the long hibernation of one of the most talked about riders of the season seemed to come to an end.

Melandri did this test with a standard bike, but one that is in any case able to put out something in the neighbourhood of 200 horses and capable of guaranteeing similar reactions to those of a true racing bike. If we look closely, we can tell that Marco has all the desire and enthusiasm to begin this new adventure of his well, the 2017 SBK edition with the official Team Ducati Aruba.

Whether the long break from racing made the former 250 world champion rusty or any less motivated, we still do not know, but one thing is certain: Melandri picked up exactly where he had begun many years ago, quietly, with the passion and humility of a rookie.

After lapping, with a smile etched on his face, Marco expressed his enthusiasm with the bike and this new adventure of his that, despite the fact that the 2017 season is still several months away, has already begun with this test. 

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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