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MotoGP, Radio communications: Rossi says yes, Marquez no

Following the Sachsenring race, the riders voice their opinions. Crutchlow jokes: "my replies would be worse than Raikkonen's"

Radio communications: Rossi says yes, Marquez no

After the flag to flag at Sachsenring, and the tactical errors by Dovizioso and Rossi, a question has been raised: why not introduce radio communications between the garage and the rider in MotoGP? In Formula 1 this is a tried and tested system, almost fundamental in those races where tactics play an important part.

The bike races are more of a sprint though and, except for rare cases, the team and riders don't need to talk to each other. This doesn't mean that the system couldn't be useful and the technology to implement it already exists, to the extent that tests were even carried out in the past.

The riders however, in most cases, are not keen when they hear about this possibility.

I say no - is Marquez's position - I can't see myself talking to my mechanics while I'm leaning over, these aren't cars. Also, if you make a good plan before the race starts, you can deal with any situation. I learned from what happened in Australia in 2013 (he had come into the garage one lap late for the compulsory tyre change and was disqualified as a result) and now we have many meetings before a race".

Dovizioso is more positive: “on the one hand a radio communications system would make it easier to manage certain situations and maybe it would also improve safety. But this isn't Formula 1 and, in the end, I think we're better off without it”.

Rossi likes the idea though: “it would make everything easier, they'd have more information that they can't provide with the pit board. Perhaps even at Assen, if they'd told me what was happening behind me, I could have avoided making that mistake. The system would be an important one for me, I remember we tested it maybe ten years ago, but then nothing more was done”.

The final opinion comes from Crutchlow, voiced with the usual irony: “you're telling me I'd hear Cecchinello's voice in my ear for the whole race? You know how Raikkonen answers? Well, just think what I'd say!”

Translated by Heather Watson

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