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MotoGP, Dovizioso: Sachsenring? the Michelins might help us

The German track is no 'friend' to the Ducati but Iannone is confident: "the bike's seen progress"

Dovizioso: Sachsenring? the Michelins might help us


Despite the close links between Ducati and Germany, the Sachsenring is not a track on which the Desmosedici fares particularly well. The Saxon track, short and tight, is characterised by turns to be taken at 'half throttle', precisely those through which the red bike suffers the most.

After the madness of WDW and prior to the holidays, the two Andreas need to make the best of a weekend that begins as something of an upward climb. The last podium at the German track dates back to 2012, and was scored by Dovizioso.

The Forlì rider doesn't hide the difficulties that the German event presents: “I don't think that the configuration of the Sachsenring is ideal for the characteristics of our Desmosedici GP,  because the German track has long left-hand turns where you need to keep the throttle partially open and our bike isn't yet perfect in those conditions - he explains - Anyway, we have to wait and see in the first practices, because this year we are using totally different tyres, and there could be a situation like Assen where, also in the dry, we were very competitive”.

As he waits to see how the Michelins will behave (we remind you that there will be brand new asymmetric front tyre), Iannone too prepares for the GP.

In recent years the Sachsenring hasn't been very friendly to us, but I'm confident that this year we will be able to do better, also because our bike has improved greatly - he says confidently - Also at Assen we had difficulties in the past, while this year we were competitive over the whole weekend, so I hope to be able to complete a good race in Germany too”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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