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MotoGP, Marquez and Pedrosa unveil the Red Bull Ring

VIDEO. On board with the two Spanish riders discovering the Austrian track astride the Honda RC213V-S

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On 14 August the MotoGP championship will be at the revamped Red Bull Ring in Austria for the first time, a track that Formula 1 cars already use. As always, when a new track pops up on the calendar, there is a fair amount of curiosity and a couple of riders have already managed to satisfy theirs.

In fact, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa were on the Austrian track recently for an Alpinestars promotional event and they were able to take a few laps. They naturally did not ride their MotoGP bikes, but something quite similar: the Honda RC213V-S, street version of the prototype.

Dani Pedrosa described the track: “The first corner is tight and there is a big braking point, but the most complicated thing is coming out of the turn. It opens up into a straight stretch where you stay in a lean, though, before coming to a tight right-hander. Then there is a downhill straight stretch where you have to prepare your line well for another slow turn. Then there are two long corners, before the chicane, another straight stretch and another fast corner, and then you have the last turn, a 90° curve but very wide, right before the finish line.

On paper, the Red Bull Ring would seem to promise a good show, with some overtaking opportunities on braking sections and other more technical ones.

If you are curious, watch the video below with Marquez and Pedrosa in action.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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