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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: wings? safety is an excuse

"First they copied us, then they wanted to penalise us". Re the future : "we won't be happy until we win"

Dall'Igna: wings? safety is an excuse


Gigi Dall’Igna,  General Manager of Ducati Corse, isn't pleased with the decision to ban winglets in MotoGP as of next year. He has a point, because firstly he has invested resources in something that was not a totally new concept but one which hadn't been developed before.

From next year we'll not be able to use them, first our rivals copied us, then they pushed to change the regulation -  he states - My feeling is that, seeing as Ducati is further forward in terms of aerodynamics, they wanted to penalise us by using the rather ridiculous excuse of safety”.

Dall’Igna holds firm on this point.

We believe that the wings make the bike safer, not the opposite, because they keep the front wheel attached to the ground and improve directionality - he explains . There have been accidents in the past and the riders involved have never been injured. Safety has been used as an excuse by those wanting to penalise us”.

And they have succeeded.

I'm sure that next year we'll nevertheless have a competitive bike, even without winglets”, guarantees the engineer.

But first he needs to focus on this year, and the long-awaited result, so close but still so far.

Victory is still our goal and I believe it is possible, though difficult, because the level of our rivals is very high - he says - But we don't feel inferior, neither as riders nor as a manufacturer.

The final question - is Dall’Igna satisfied with how things are going?

We'll never be happy until we win a race and then the championship, I promise I'll do everything I am capable of doing to make the ducatisti across the world happy".

Translated by Heather Watson

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