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MotoGP, Miller: nice to silence the critics

"I demonstrated that I know how to ride. Did I manage the race? To be honest I rode in 'glory or hospital' style" he jokes

Miller: nice to silence the critics

Jack Miller celebrated his first MotoGP his way: drinking champagne from his boot on the podium. “I love it when he does that. His success is the only good news of the day. I’m happy for him. He is a good guy and he has a lot of talent”, Valentino complimented him.

Today Jackass had revenge on those who had criticised him, saying that the jump from Moto3 to the top category was a mistake.

A lot of people said that this project would never work – he recalls – I heard a lot of things said about me. At times I even began to doubt that I knew how to ride.

Not today…
I know how to ride a bike, that must be clear and today I put a stamp on it. It’s nice to silence those who called me an idiot because I crashed all the time.

Have you turned the page?
I know what the reality is. The jump from Moto3 to MotoGP is a big one and I am still learning. Today I was also lucky. This result gives me confidence. I know that there are a lot of riders who wait a lot longer to achieve this.

What did you think about as you crossed the finish?
Many things, my family, who decided to move to Europe in 2010. It was a gamble.

Like moving to MotoGP straight away…
“Yes and, in fact, I must thank Honda for believing in me and my team. Gabarrini, my chief mechanic, always says that we are a family and it’s true.

Jack Miller e Marc Marquez

How did you manage to win?
By staying calm, not like what sometimes happens to me (he laughs). I had good sensations and I pushed until I passed Marquez. After passing him I saw that he was staying behind and a few seconds later I realised that he was happy that way.

Did you manage the race?
Not exactly, I rode a bit in a ‘glory or hospital’ style. I didn’t worry too much (he laughs).”

How is it that you are comfortable riding in the wet?
Maybe because I come from dirt track and motocross, although training offroad I broke my ankle (he laughs).”

How will you celebrate?
I can’t go into details (he laughs).”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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