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MotoGP, Iannone: the Ducati is fast, but it takes too much strength

"I need to ride to the limit, a problem for the race". Dovizioso: "I know the situation well. Only in the race will we know the truth"

Iannone: the Ducati is fast, but it takes too much strength

A fast start with two first places, despite the awareness that, no matter how things go, he will start last anyway. At Assen, Iannone is making the difference, but it will not be a normal weekend for him and he will have to think carefully about how to manage the race.

In the meantime, he is enjoying the moment but he is also facing the problems.

Let’s say that it was a positive day where I was fast straight away. I was able to maintain a consistent pace. In the morning I used only one set of tyres and I improved my times at the end”, he begins.

But something is worrying him.

I have the right speed, but I am struggling too much riding, especially in the direction changes – he explains – I need to use the front brake a lot and that takes more strength. In terms of the race that’s a big limit, because I’ll have to push from start to finish.

That is the point where he needs to focus.

I didn’t expect to be so competitive, but now we need to get sorted for the race, using the qualifiers as well, if need be – he continues – For the moment I need to ride very much at the limit and doing that it is easy to make a mistake.

The Ducatis, however, whether GP16 or GP15, are competitive.

If we are talking about the fast lap, the Desmosedici machines are fast, but only in the race will we be able to see the difference – he warns – As I said, it is difficult to be fast for a long time.

And Iannone will have to ride a comeback race.

Fortunately, I realised what I was doing wrong at the start: the bike tended to go up into a wheelie and I would close the throttle, but doing that the clutch didn’t slip and it made things worse. Keeping the accelerator open there are no problems – he says – On this track it isn’t easy to overtake. It’s narrow, but I’ll do my best.

Andrea Dovizioso, on the other hand, is lying 6th and his teammate’s words are nothing new for him. For some time now, he has repeated that one of the Desmosedici’s limits is that you have to be too physical to ride it.

When you have to use strength to be fast, it means that the speed isn’t there – he comments – I’m talking about the race, because riding that way consumes both energy and the tyres. It is something that I have known well for a long time.

In any case, his first day at Assen was positive.

In the morning I felt vibrations on the front, but we were able to reduce the problem even if it didn’t go away altogether – he continues – My pace is not bad. It isn’t good enough yet, but the sensations were good. I need to work on riding more smoothly. We are close to the best, but as always, only in the race, after about a dozen laps, will we know the truth.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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