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SBK, Jan Witteveen takes a step back

"In Superbike very little intervention. Better to stay at home and work. I'll be at Misano"

Jan Witteveen takes a step back

Jan Witteveen has taken a step back in Superbike deciding, in agreement with team Althea, to no longer attend all of the races. This decision has to do with the fact that so few technical interventions are allowed in Superbike.

"In reality, during the races we're just making the bike longer and shorter, with most of the changes regarding suspension. All things that the team is perfectly capable of doing - Jan Witteveen told us - And as far as I'm concerned, after 40 years of racing this doesn't particularly motivate me. For this reason, I think it's better that I stay at home. As we can't make any significant modifications anyway. And it's difficult to make them with the BMW".

The technical director of BMW Motorrad Motosport is Berthold Hauser. It's difficult to tell if the relationship between the two is an easy one, but Witteveen will be present at Misano. And from there we'll see how the situation progresses with regard to the multi-titled Dutch engineer's presence in the Althea garage.

Recently Witteveen gave us a very interesting interview on the current situation in Superbike, criticising certain points of the regulation and clarifying the advantages of Desmo for Ducati.


Translated by Heather Watson

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