MotoGP, Galbusera: broken engine? just bad luck for Vale

Rossi's crew chief: "we're guessing a defective supply. Too risky to start with a new engine"


It's hard to believe that two broken engines in the space of just a few hours is just a coincidence, and the Yamaha engineers will definitely have their work cut out in coming days as they try to understand what happened. Silvano Galbusera, Valentino's crew chief, spoke about the issue on Radio 24, a guest on the show Tutti Convocati.

It was just bad luck. Both Valentino and Jorge were on their third engine, which they had already used in the previous race with no problems - he explained - The first two engines had done double the mileage”.

But at Mugello it didn't go to plan.

We didn't do anything differently, not even a different exhaust - he continued -The breaking of two engines so close together leads us to consider whether it was a defective supply, but we are still analysing what happened ”.

Many asked whether, after what happened to Lorenzo in the warm-up, the team had decided to change Valentino's engine too.

Firstly, Valentino's engine had a lower mileage than Jorge's; it would also have been risky to start the race with a new engine without having had chance to tested it first” he replied.

Galbusera went on to speak optimistically ahead of the next races.

Vale was very competitive at Mugello, and in great shape. We're only a third of the way through the season and the championship isn't over. In recent years he's scored great results at both Barcelona and Assen. I'm sure he'll be very fast”, he concluded.


Translated by Heather Watson

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