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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi best 'late braker' at Mugello

According to Brembo data at the San Donato, speeds slow from 351 to 91 Km/h  in 5.6"

Valentino Rossi best 'late braker' at Mugello

The Mugello Raceway, which hosts the sixth round of the 2016 MotoGP World Championship, has some interesting aspects.

It is not a particularly demanding track for the braking system, with the exception of the section at the end of the main straight stretch. According to the data provided by Brembo engineers, when braking at the bottom of the slope before the San Donato turn, speed slows from a maximum of 351 km/h to 91 km/h.

This is a manoeuvre takes 5.6 seconds over a distance of 318 metri. In this delicate phase, carbon brake discs can reach peak temperatures as high as 700 °C.

At the end of the official qualifying sessions, the each team provided the telemetry data they collected. Using these values, the standings of the best "LATE BRAKERS" was determined, in other words, the riders who begin braking closest to the apex on the San Donato turn.

The five best“Late Brakers”:

1) Valentino Rossi (46)
2) Marc Marquez (93)
3) Andrea Iannone (29)
4) Maverick Vinales (25)
5) Jorge Lorenzo (99)

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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