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MotoGP, Iannone: Ducati divorce was inevitable

"Things have happened that even I can't explain, even the sky is crying today. In Suzuki I'll be at the centre of the project"

Iannone: Ducati divorce was inevitable

On Sunday Andrea Iannone will compete in his last Italian Grand Prix with Ducati. News of his leaving Ducati comes in time for Mugello, something that seemed only a remote possibility just months ago. Things change, and next year the Italian will embark on a new adventure with Suzuki, perhaps with a little remorse.

Even the sky is crying today”, he says, revealing his poetic side as he watches the rain fall outside the hospitality unit.

I didn't want to believe it, I struggled - he comments with regard to Ducati's decision - We've had some wonderful years together and I've always received great support both from the company and the sponsors. They believed in me and I felt appreciated.”.

You made your MotoGP debut with Ducati…

“Over the last years, both me and the bike have grown and have scored some good results, it bothers me a little to be leaving. But I'm calm and focused on this season, we have great potential which we just have to exploit”.

What led you to choose Suzuki?

“Like me, they are ambitious and it's important to know there will be a project based around me, starting with the development of the bike. But I don't want to talk more about it right now, I don't think it would be right”.

How will you face the Italian GP knowing it's your last with Ducati?

Like all the other races, my mentality won't be any different. Even if we'll go our separate ways at the end of the season, I'm a professional and will give it my all until the end of the year”.

You're not disappointed?

“This is how it is, I'm sorry and think they are too. This separation was inevitable”.

Do you feel betrayed?

I've never felt betrayed  (he laughs) A lot of strange things have happened and even I cannot explain them. It's a lesson for the future, I have learned that I need to consider every aspect”.

There are 13 races to go, your aim at the start of the season was to score a win…

I hope to be able to win with Ducati and to be the first to do so, the sooner I do it, the happier I'll be”.

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