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SBK, Badovini: “After the start, I thought: we can do it!”

“I didn't expect anything from this race but then I realised we could do it and I won”

Badovini: “After the start, I thought: we can do it!”

Ayrton Badovini, the 31-year old Italian, has spent his entire career in the production-derived series, alternating rides in Superstock (and winning the title in 2010 with BMW), with many seasons in SBK where he has ridden bikes like the Kawasaki, the Ducati, the BMW and the Bimota. This season he is on the Honda CBR 600 Supersport, substituting, since the Dutch race, for injured Australian rider Glenn Scott.

Today's Malaysian race didn't start well for Ayrton, in fact it started particularly badly, with the rider forced to start the race from pit lane because his mechanics didn't get the rain tyres on his bike in time.

But you know, sometimes racing is down to fate and, with the race subsequently postponed until after the Superbikes, Badovini was able to take up his deserved place on the grid after all, fighting for the duration of the race against local rider Khairuddin and winning his first race in style.

 “I didn't expect it because the track conditions were dangerous but after a few laps I said to myself ‘Yes, we can do it, we can do it.... and we really did it! I dedicate this to team Lorini of course. An incredible victory for all of us”.

Team Lorini that, like Ayrton, didn't expect this kind of result, considering the levels of grip offered by the asphalt but Badovini admitted: “To be honest I didn't have any grip issues today.  Sure the track was slippery but I was really comfortable, right from the start I knew the bike and tyres were working well. Traction was great. In the last three or four laps the tyres were almost done, but I didn't have any real problems, I didn't expect to have grip like that for the entire race."

A race that was decided at the very last corner of the final lap, summed up in a few words by Badovini...

“I didn't expect anything particular to happen at the final corner, Khairuddin was racing at home here and was very fast. I followed my line, waiting to see if something would happen and he went a little long, so I cut the corner and was able to pass him on the inside. It was a really hard fight that I just about managed to win”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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