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SBK, Sepang, Hayden: "I dedicate the win to my dad"

"I knew I had a chance today and so I pushed hard to stay ahead, have a free track and build a lead"

Sepang, Hayden: "I dedicate the win to my dad"

The first SBK win for the former MotoGP World Champ. Nicky Hayden can't contain his happiness after scoring a result that he's been missing since 2006, back when he was riding the Honda RCV in the GP class. The same season that saw him score the world title.

A win that clearly showcased his class and experience, qualities for which he is well known, but also the fruit of meticulous set-up work, another area in which the Kentucky kid is an expert. The American crossed the line on the CBR, not the most recent bike on the grid and definitely not the quickest, but undoubtedly one of the most balanced machines, able to make its mark on the wet Sepang track.

Hayden knows, has always known in fact, that his bike was not at the same level as those of his biggest rivals. Called up to SBK to carry out work that will probably serve with regard to the future "Blade",  he has always given it his all on the four-cylinder bike that hasn't really stood out since the days of Jonathan Rea. The talented VD Mark has brought it to a certain level, but never to where we see it today. Hayden made the most of the opportunity, giving his bike a pat, well aware that something magical could happen today.

And the pair clearly put their best foot forward at Sepang. While he brought the experience of a racing veteran, she brought the balance that allowed him to get the job done. And the magic clearly worked: "I'm really happy with the win, and thanks go to my team" he stated  "the bike was perfect today." his words at the end of the race sum of the relationship between man and machine.

In analysing the race, Nicky admits he was a little worried when he saw the rain start to fall:" I had a chance today and took it, but I had no idea how the tyres would behave in the wet – confesses Hayden – and when the track started to dry I was worried. But in the end it worked out well."

He dedicates this victory to someone very dear to him: "I thank the team and also my fans, but i want to dedicate this win to my dad."

Always special, always humble, never over the top. Nicky. A rider.

Translated by Heather Watson

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