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GP Commission: wings banned in Moto3

The provision is made with immediate effect. While MotoGP sees disagreement between manufacturers

GP Commission: wings banned in Moto3

Moto3 waves goodbye to winglets, with immediate effect. The decision has been taken by the Grand Prix Commission in a meeting held yesterday. Back in March, the commission had already moved to ban the aerodynamic appendages in Moto2 and Moto3, with immediate effect with regard to the intermediate class.

In Moto3 the ban should have come into effect as of 2017. However, the Manufacturers were unanimous in wanting to abandon development of the winglets and the Grand Prix Commission has therefore taken action, modifying the regulation.

Aerodynamic experiments of this kind were only being carried out by Mahindra, which provided Francesco Bagnaia with a 'winged' fairing to test during winter testing. Of course, the aim was not to reduce wheelieing, considering the low power of the 250 cc single-cylinders, but to exploit flows through the fastest corners to facilitate corner exit. But this solution was never adopted in the race.

Meanwhile, in MotoGP a decision about the wings has not yet been taken because there is disagreement among the manufacturers, with Honda and Suzuki pushing to abolish them while Ducati and Aprilia are opposed. So the ball passes to the GP Commission that over the coming months will have to decide whether the appendages have a future or not.

Translated by Heather Watson

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