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MotoGP, Le Mans GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The sky was blue at Le Mans, as were the three bikes on the podium. No-one was unhappy, unlike the Honda and Ducati riders

Le Mans GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

At Le Mans the sky was blue, as were the three bikes on the podium. No-one was unhappy: Lorenzo dominated, Rossi protected his assets and Viñales tasted the champagne for the first time in MotoGP.

The dark faces were to be found in the Honda and Ducati garages. Marquez, Dovizioso and Iannone finished their races in the dust, for different reasons but with the same result. The red bike is missing out on one chance after another, while the Japanese are trying to plug the holes in their project.

The Italians celebrated Fenati and Corsi, as well as the 5 'blues' who finished inside the top ten 10 in Moto3. Mugello, we're coming to get you!

THE GOOD –  Jorge 'stole' victory from under his rivals' noses. The Italian and Spanish forces tried to keep up, but that kind of pace can only lead to a crash. The Spaniard scored big, winning the race and taking the championship lead. Vive la France.

Let's not forget Maverick Viñales who gave Suzuki a great result - a parting gift perhaps?

THE BAD – The red bikes are on a losing streak. With technical problems and mistakes, Ducati has had to make do with crumbs during the first part of the championship, having started out with such hunger. Errors, malfunctions, tyres, bad luck, the reasons are many but no-one can explain why the promises are never kept.

THE UGLY – The Italians collected three silver medals at Le Mans, a good result but one which leaves a bitter taste. Let's look at it like this, this was just practice ahead of Mugello.

Valentino Rossi

THE CONFIRMATION – Le Mans could have become a personal Waterloo, but Valentino Rossi showed he knew more than Napoleon. He fought off all enemy troops, with the excepion of Lorenzo. The Yamaha is flying and Rossi is still in control.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT – Once upon a time there was Honda, whose name made its rivals tremble. Now it's not working and, of the 5 riders on the RC213V at Le Mans, 4 crashed and only one - Pedrosa - crossed the line, almost 25 seconds behind the winner. They have little to be happy about.

THE SURPRISE – On Thursday Petrucci's hand was still swollen and not pretty to look at, but the same hand took him to Q2 and a 7th place finish in the race. His was the best Ducati, for those who didn't notice. Standing ovation.  

Marc MarquezTHE MISTAKE –  A crash that became 'artistic' - as far as is possible - due to its synchronisation with that of Dovi. Marquez went down, but it was different to those of last year when he was taking risks to try and win. At Le Mans he had to give it all just to chase a podium. Marc has grown, the Honda not yet.

THE PASS – Without too much thought - the triple by Fenati in Moto3. 

THE INTERESTING FACT – In the last 8 races, the rider who has won has always started from pole. Down to the Michelins? But the first three of this series were run on Bridgestones.

I TOLD YOU SO – The two Andreas, confident after Mugello testing: “we have the potential to do well”. Power is not enough.

Translated by Heather Watson

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