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MotoGP, Rossi: I already lost the race on Saturday

"Lorenzo had something more. Mugello? With the Michelins I can be faster"

Rossi: I already lost the race on Saturday

Valentino Rossi has once again put his name to the ‘manual for straightening out a GP that starts badly ’. After a dark Friday and a SAturday in the shadows, today the Doctor turned the light on. He took a podium and also a good step forward in the classification, thanks also to Marquez's crash.

Rossi jokes, mimicking Lorenzo's comments at Jerez: “I came second with spin problems, otherwise I could have won hands down”. Then he's serious again and gives praise where it is deserved: “Jorge was very strong, I wasn't far off but he had something more”.

And starting from the third row didn't help…
When you start there and finish second it's always been a good race. I knew I'd have to fight at the start and luckily I didn't lose too much time, even though I made a bad start”.

Then you were able to close the gap to Marquez and Dovizioso…
The situation was complicated, because it was hotter and after the Moto2 race the track was more slippery. When I reached Marc and Andrea, I thought it would be best to pass them right away and that's what I did. I didn't immediately realise they'd crashed, then I was able to take a breath and manage my advantage over Vinales, but not too much, or I'd have lost concentration”.

But Lorenzo was too far in front…
If I'd started further forward, perhaps I could have got closer to Lorenzo, but that was only my fault. On Friday we tried to solve problems while I should have just used the new tyre and on Saturday I made mistakes in qualifying”.

What was worse?
“I give them the same weight, but it's clear that to fight for the win you already need to be sorted on Saturday morning”.

In fact, the last eight races have been won by the rider in pole…
“In MotoGP it's been like that for a while. But there was something of a fight behind Lorenzo today, I'd say that the situation isn't too different to that of last year. Even if, with the Michelins, you have to be a lot more careful when passing because it's easy to make a mistake”.

The balance is positive anyway…
“These 20 points are gold, because we're now all closer in the standings, three of us within 12 points. Also the Yamaha has proved competitive, particularly in the race”.

Which augers well for Mugello…
This year, with the new tyres, everything's different, you need to take care or you finish on the ground. But, with the Michelins, I feel I can be faster and can't wait for our home GP”.

Talking of crashes, there were many in the race, how do you explain that?
“The Dunlop rubber left on the asphalt from the Moto2 race made the difference, as did riding with a full tank. Then, in the race everyone gives their all”.

What about Vinales' first podium?
“He's once again shown his potential, it's not a one-off event. He'll become, actually he already is, very strong in MotoGP”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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