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MotoGP, KTM: Misano test with Kallio and Abraham

Karel on the RC16 for the first time: "I hadn't exected it would be at this level"

KTM: Misano test with Kallio and Abraham


KTM wants to be prepared for when it arrives in MotoGP and testing therefore continues relentlessly. Despite the Test Team having only been at Brno a few days ago, from Tuesday to Thursday it stopped off at Misano. Contrary to the Czech Republic, weather in Italy was good and all of the work was successfully completed.

In addition, Karel Abraham, currently riding in SBK with the BMW of team Milwaukee, was there to give Mika Kallio a hand with the RC16.

Mike Leitner summed up the test: “We were able to sort out many small problems and in the meantime the team is increasingly professional in the work they are doing. This, and the three days of sunshine made it possible for us to almost completely finish the comprehensive test program. This makes things much clearer for us for the next steps, especially because the test riders’ comments all went in a very similar direction. Now it’s all about putting in determined work to continuously improve the overall package”.

Technical Director Sebastian Risse added“We were finally able to carry out the test program that we started last week in Brno. The focus was on the electronics, but we also tried a few things regarding the engine characteristics, and we found a good direction in this regard. Also, for the first time we were able to test with tyres that are closer to those currently being used in the MotoGP”.

Mika Kallio underlined the importance of the Italian test: “We were able to put in almost the maximum possible laps over the three days. Even though we’re not quite where we want to be with the performance, we could thoroughly test many things without any big problems. Now we know better how many of the components work, even though we’re all aware there is still a long way to go". 

Karel Abraham was surprised by the RC16: “The motorcycle already rides very well and I hadn’t actually expected it would be at this level. The engine feels strong and the electronics already work quite well. The three days on the bike were a fantastic experience for me and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next round of tests with the bike".

Translated by Heather Watson

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