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MotoGP, Rossi: favoured by Michelin? It's difficult to find 113 excuses

A different win at Jerez: "it's great to do something for the first time at my age" joked Valentino

Rossi: favoured by Michelin? It's difficult to find 113 excuses

After the win at Jerez, Valentino Rossi has the opprotunity to repeat the feat and score the double he's been missing since 2009, “quite a bit of time has passed, it would be significant if I did it. You can't start out thinking you have to win, first you have to see your level” he reflects. But the thought remains, and would also be useful in closing the gap to Marquez and Lorenzo.

In the last two years I've always been fast here, even though I've never won - he recalls the two second place finishes - I repeat, we'll see if I can start well like at Jerez. A podium or a great race would also be significant".

But the win in Spain was particular, you ran away with it like never before…
It's great at my age to be able to do something for the first time, whatever it might be (he laughs)”.

Someone has spoken about apparent favouritism by Michelin…
The detractors no longer know what to say, every so often they bring up this story. Anyway, it's difficult to find 113 different excuses, and so every so often you have to repeat yourself (he laughs)”.

Flamigni, your telemetrist has said that you're a stronger Valentino than ever. Do you agree?
I thank him for it! I'm going strong, stronger than last year and it's all going much better”.

You're faster in qualifying too…
Last year in practice I sometimes had to limit the damage while now I'm more competitive. In the first 4 races, I've started on the front row 3 times, while in 2015 I had to wait until Assen to do that”.

What could go wrong?
Michelin has brought three rear tyres, one of which has a slightly softer carcass, and this could mix things up. I think they tested them at Mugello and they should behave better. It's a good thing that they're continuing to work, but this tyre is an unknown”.

What else do you need?
To find good bike balance, especially in order to be effective in braking”.

Who's the most dangerous rival, Marquez or Lorenzo?
I'd put them on the same level, even if Marc is the one with more points, almost one race of advantage. After the mistake at Austin, I can only take it race by race. We'll see when we're further forward”.

Thinking about next year, who would you like as a teammate?
I know as much as you, I think Movistar wants a Spaniard and the most likely are Vinales and Pedrosa but don't ask me for percentages. Dani has already shown his potential but is a little older, Maverick  is younger but doesn't have a great deal of experience. I have a good relationship with both of them, it won't make a big difference to me which one I might be”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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