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MotoGP, Obligatory pressure sensors from the Mugello GP

And a new regulation for jump starts, which don't have to be communicated by lap four

Obligatory pressure sensors from the Mugello GP

Tyre pressure sensors will be obligatory in MotoGP as of the Mugello Grand Prix. This has been decided by the Grand Prix Commission that met on Saturday at Jerez. Many, after the rear tyre explosion for Baz during winter testing at Sepang, had asked for a tyre inflation control, so as to eliminate any doubts.

From 20 May all teams will have to mount the sensors on both wheels.

This is not the only new regulation to be introduced as a result of certain on-track events. After the Argentina episode in which Race Direction was unable to provide immediate notification of the penalty to those riders who had made a jump start, a change has been made to the regulation. The sanction must now be communicated as soon as possible, rather than before lap four.

This is helpful but does not totally solve the problem. Also because a jump start is one of the easiest infractions to identify thanks to the technical tools used by Race Direction.

There is also another footnote, in that the time penalty, if a ride-through is not given, will be calculated depending on the track (and the time needed to cover pitlane) but must be communicated before the start of the race.

Another modification does away with the quick start procedure for MotoGP if a race is interrupted within the first three laps. Teams had expressed concern about the safety aspect of having to refuel bikes in such as short space of time, meaning that the race will be stopped and then started again.

The final regulation regards Moto3: when a Manufacturer introduces an evolution of a frame, this must be made available to all riders competing with that brand.

Translated by Heather Watson

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